Scuba Diving

The scuba diving is our passion. Therefore, we opened our first diving school in southern Sri Lanka in 1999, and 2012 here, on the east coast. So we guarantee diving in Sri Lanka the whole year around. Whether you already bring a lot of diving experience, just have received your Open Water Diver certification or you are a complete novice - everyone can experience this wonderful underwater world with us.

Certified Divers

As a certified diver you have the opportunity to experience the best diving (reef, rock, wreck) in front of Trincomalee . Whether you are PADI, SSI, CMAS, etc., we dive together.

The diving day usually consists of a maximum of two dive trips every morning and every afternoon, each with max. two dives (Two Tank Boat Dives) and a surface interval between the two dives on our dive boat. Drinking water and biscuits, we always have for you. Contact us to plan your diving holiday together with you.

We have the following offers for certified divers:

Uncertified Divers

Even as a complete diving novice you can dive with us. Whether you have already collected experience or have never been under water.

We have the following offers for you: